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  • Separate project spaces

    All projects in The Bug Genie have their own separate "spaces", where all issues, wikis, files, etc are kept. You can easily move between project spaces as well as project space sections such as jumping between project wikis and project issues.
  • Project timeline

    The automatic timeline feature gives a complete overview over your project history way back to the beginning. Code checkins, issue comments, descriptions and changes all show up as they are being commited, so you can always be kept informed.
  • Complete project hierarchy

    The Bug Genie supports a complete project hierarchy, including editions, releases, components as well as parent, child- and subprojects - and you can build it as you please. Access control features lets you define who can see what parts of the project. Don't want everyone to see the internal build - no worries, The Bug Genie lets you do that!

This is without a doubt the best bug tracking software I've ever used

  • Custom issue fields

    Add any number of custom fields to your issue types and issues - custom text input fields, multiple choice dropdowns, custom status fields, and more.

    Add custom fields to your issue type schemes, use them in searches and integrate them into your workflow.
  • RSS support

    The Bug Genie exports all searches - predefined and custom searches - as well as the project timeline as RSS feeds. Import the RSS feed into your favourite RSS reader (such as Google reader) and be on top of any changes.
  • Helpful quicksearch

    Integrated quicksearch lets you quickly glance at any issue you'd like. Enter anything that can be an issue, and the quicksearch will find it. Select it from the list to navigate to an issue, or just get an overview.

    The quicksearch also lets you search through wiki articles, teams, users and more.
  • Powerful wiki package

    Using either classic mediawiki syntax or markdown, The Bug Genie wiki lets you build your documentation content as you want.

    You can even use advanced table layouts, custom formatting, automatic table of content, embedded images, templates and more.
  • Article commenting

    Allow users and developers to interact via your wiki or article pages. With full commenting and notification support for wiki pages just as issues, users can provide feedback when content needs updating or adjusting.
  • Wiki attachments

    Attach images or files to your wiki pages - include them in your pages or use it as a download listing. Great functionality gives you great flexibility.
  • Revisions and history

    The Bug Genie wiki supports revision-based history and lets your compare or restore any revisions in the article history.

    An easy-to-use comparison viewer lets you easily see what's changed between revisions.
  • Categories

    Included in the wiki is also full category support with automatic page categories. Put any article in any category, and The Bug Genie will automatically keep track of category content.

    You can even build category trees to provide structure around your documentation or wiki content.
  • Wiki namespaces

    Each project has its own wiki namespace, but you can add any namespace to your wiki, as well as sub-namespaces.
    You can even control read-write access per namespace, and export / import namespaces separately.

A really cool project management and bug tracker - recommended!

  • Issue coloring

    In planning mode, colorise issues to visually distinguish or group them. Drag and drop issues to reorder and get your priorities straight.
  • Automatic roadmaps

    The Bug Genie creates automatic roadmaps for your milestones and sprints, and gives you instant information about your current sprint or milestone progress.
  • Live estimation

    Estimate issues from the planning page, issue filter pages or in the issue view itself. Milestone workload or remaining sprint effort updates automatically to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Pair programming

    Everyone that's ever tried it loves it, and The Bug Genie loves it too. Team up with a colleague (or a stranger, if that tickles your fancy), assign issues to the two of you and let everyone know how awesome you are!
  • Your source, you control

    The Bug Genie supports and integrates with several different version control systems: Git (including GitHub, Gitorious, Bitbucket and several other third-party git repository hosting services), Mercurial and Subversion.

    Use repository browsers to visualise code commits, and let The Bug Genie link to it automatically from your issue reports.
  • Instant notifications

    The Bug Genie will automatically update issues based on your commit messages - with the same powerful issue detection algorithm as is used in the rest of The Bug Genie, don't worry about what your commit messages look like. If you understand it, so does The Bug Genie.
  • Your code at center stage

    It's all about the code you write. The Bug Genie automatically creates updated file lists; issue commit comments; links to diffs and previous revisions; and more, all from your commits.

    Commits also show up in the project timeline and project dashboard, to make sure you never miss that critical fix again!

... a wonderful platform for bug tracking!

  • Change anything

    The Bug Genie ships with many default values, settings, data types and fields - which are all configurable. If you don't like it, change it; add new items or delete existing ones.

    Status types, issue fields, custom types, users, teams and more - there's a configuration tool for all of it.
  • Inherently modular

    The Bug Genie can be extended via modules built to work with it. Modules are managed directly from the configuration center - find, add and remove modules; enable or disable them; configure module settings and access - all from the configuration center
  • Users, groups, teams & clients

    Organise your users as you need to: add, remove and modify teams and clients straight from the configuration center. Assign your projects to clients to give them instant access.

    Teams and clients also get their own dashboard starting point to get a full overview of related issues, projects and progress.

Issue tracker, project management and wiki - perfect for agile teams

  • Email commands

    With incoming email support you can reply to - and even update - issues straight from your email client.

    No need to have customers or clients log in nedlessly, have them receive updates and reply back to The Bug Genie via the comfort of their own email clients.

    The Bug Genie speaks JSON, and for many of the most used views there are JSON endpoints available. Build your own interface or client or add integrated bug reporting to your applications.
  • Multiple hosted installations

    The download edition supports multiple hosted installations using the same installation. This lets you share The Bug Genie user accounts across several different issue trackers even without other centralised authentication handling.

Trialing The Bug Genie as a JIRA replacement today - we're stoked with its simplicity and light weight

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