Beautiful issue tracking and project management

Track issues and manage your projects with style
  • Agile from the start

    The Bug Genie supports your agile process - whether it is Scrum, Kanban or other, we've got you covered.

    The Open Source Edition includes sprint burndowns, charts, timetracking and estimation tools without additional plugins or cost.
  • Source control, integrated

    The Bug Genie integrates with your existing source control tools - externally hosted or your company repositories.

    Get issue updates, email notifications and source integration without having to host your code off-site.
  • Powertools for power users

    The Bug Genie comes with a great command-line client you can use if you want to manage issues from the command-line.

    The command-line tool can also be used to include issue tracking functionality in other tools such as shell scripts.

A great alternative to JIRA! The Bug Genie rocks!

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